V/UHF & Scanner Antennas

Homebrew U/VHF scanner antennas using parts from other antennas and spare stuff I had laying around. Antennas use a balun and 75-ohm coax to make it back to the scanners.

Scanner Antennas

The far left is the lowband scanner, the forward facing antenna is the highband scanner. I mostly monitor CHP & CDF, especially during fire season. The feedpoint of the loop is attached there too. Interesting thing is, I don't overload the scanners when I'm using the loop. The mast came from a recycled solar water heater that used to be on the roof. Worked out very well to keep all these water heater parts around.

2M/70cm J-Pole

The 2M/70cm J-Pole is at the top of a black widow crappy fishing pole. That pole fit nicely into the top of the water heater mast. It extends into the mast about a foot. J-Pole works great in our area, most repeaters are above 3000'.