1982 Mercury Capri - Circa 1987

My first HF mobile was in 1987, right after a left active duty in the Navy. I lived in an apartment, and wasn't allowed to have an outdoor antenna. This was my only way to stay on the air, outside of a 2m packet setup running on the Commodore 64, and an AEA PK-64 TNC.

I don't have any photos (digital cameras weren't invented yet) of this HF setup, but I fondly remember it!! I used the venerable Ten-Tec mobile verticals, a Hustler trunk deck mount on the back hatch, and a Yaesu FT-101E rig that was seatbelted in the passenger seat! It was rough days with a hybrid tube rig, but I remember learning a lot about HF mobile, and as usual had a blast!