Don't you love caution labels like this? This was an impulse buy last month when I bought this transmitter at the swap meet, I was first thinking I just bought a bunch of hard to find parts. Once I got it home though and took a close look at it, this transmitter looked original. So, I decided not to cannibalize it right then. Yes, it's been modified for ham use but nothing that can't easily be reversed. Other than the addition of a mica capacitor and alligator clip, those are the only non-original parts. There have been taps soldered onto one of the tank circuit coils, other than that, that's all I could find as far as modifications go.

    I took a bunch of photos. I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do with this radio but for now, I'm not going to take it apart. I'll try to track down the service manuals for it and see how difficult it would be to reverse the modifications. If anyone has a B-24 Liberator I could plug this in to, please don't hesitate to contact me! (Click on photos for larger size.)

RT-458A Front

RT-458A Rear

RT-458A Rear Cover
Underneath Rear Cover

RT-458A - Oscillator Section
I think this is the oscillator section.
Center device is a 6200Hz crystal
Very interesting tube on the left, bounces something
off the mirror on the rear cover.

RT-458A Side View
Interior. The brown colored device is a mica capacitor 
used for the conversion to amateur use.

RT-458A - Interior, right side.
Right side - interior.
Alligator clip is part of the amateur radio modification.

RT-458A - Left rear tube.

RT-458A Right
Right Side
RT-458A Left
Left Side

RT-458A Top

RT-458A Output Tubes
Output Tubes & a Small surprise

Inside the RT-458A - Notes
Handwritten notes. No date.

RT-458A - Interior cover removed.
Interior cover removed. I know it said don't remove this 
cover, please don't tell the CO.

RT-458A - Oscillator close-up.
Tube on the left, not sure of it's function.
Crystal on the right. 

RT-458A - Bottom with cover removed.
Bottom with cover removed.
Tube sockets in the center.
Very nice ganged variable capacitors.