Amateur Radio

KA6WKE Shack
   Welcome to my little spot on the web. By day, I work as a Senior Systems Engineer for Hewlett Packard Enterprise Systems specializing in network management systems, custom Java and shell programming, and Oracle Database development. By night, I like to spend my time on my amateur radio hardware projects, operating one of the numerous digital modes, and even have been known to break out the Bencher and run some CW. Hardware tastes run the gamut from tubes to surface mount technology, home brewing PCBs, building antennas, shortwave listening and utility monitoring. Amateur radio and software do go hand-in-hand and I enjoy programming various tools to aid in my radio operations.

    I've been licensed since 1982 when I got my Novice license on a wager with my dad. If I didn't pass my Novice, I had to mow the lawn for FREE all summer break. I got my General license in 1983 from the now long closed San Francisco Field Office. Upon my return from Navy active duty in 1987 I got my Advanced license. Around 2000 I got my Extra. I've held my call since 1982 and don't have any plans on obtaining a vanity call. You can read about how I became a ham on the How I Became a Ham page.

    The photo is a picture of my current setup based around Icom IC-7000 & Icom IC-706MkIIg. You can read the history of all my "shacks" on the Shack History page.